Boys Hostel

The Hostel was started in the year 2009 to accommodate the boy’s students. The hostel has two blocks accommodating about 400 students. The rooms are well furnished and the surroundings of hostel is very green and pleasant. The hostel is having  dinning hall  to cater the needs of the boarders of north and south Indians.
Hostel is known for its discipline and well managed by dedicated faculty and  staff members. The Hostel area is spacious with built up area  9060.00 sq mt has 158 Rooms. Hostel supports the Institute to arrange many programme.


  1. Warden- Dr. D M Mahesh Kumar,
    Associate professor & Head,
    Dept of EIE, JSSATEB,
    Ph: 080 2861 1702
  2. Assistant warden – Mr. Rohitaksha K,
    Assistant professor,
    Dept of CSE, JSSATEB,
    e-mail : [email protected]
Single sharing Two sharing Three sharing
Number of rooms – 02 Number of rooms – 11 Number of rooms – 145

jssateb-boys-hostel-2   jssateb-boys-hostel-3   jssateb-boys-hostel-4

jssateb-boys-hostel-5   jssateb-boys-hostel-1

Rohankulkarni K
At JSS, every care is taken to provide the best facilities for students who stay away from their homes. The hostel provides hygienic food and clean surroundings so that the inmates can live in a congenial atmosphere at affordable prices.
Amount Per Year In Rupees
For Attached Bathroom
Three Students in One room
Two Students in One room
One Student in One room
For Students Admitted in 2016-17

60600/- Rupees

90600/- Rupees

120600/- Rupees

For Students Admitted before 2016-17

43300/- Rupees

73300/- Rupees

103300/- Rupees

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Anti Ragging Committee


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