List of Equipments

Annexure I

List of Equipments- Mechanical Measurement and Metrology Lab

Sl. No. Name of the Equipment
1 IEICOS LVDT set up
2 IEICOS Platinum resistance thermometer
3 IEICOS Vibration analyzer
4 IEICOS Pressure and Vacuum calibration transducers
5 IEICOS Load Cell set up
6 IEICOS Torque measurement set up
7 IEICOS Pressure measurement set up
8 IEICOS stroboscope
9 IEICOS Temperature measurement set up
10 Slip gauge box
11 MITUTOYO Vernier depth gauge
12 Bevel Protractor
13 MITUTOYO Gear tooth micrometer 0-25mm

MITUTOYO Gear tooth micrometer 25-50mm

14 Plain ring gauge, Adjustable snap gauge, Thread plug gauges and Plug gauges
15 Mechanical & Electronic comparators
16 Profile projector PT-200 model
17 SIPCON – Tool makers microscope
18 MITUTOYO Telescopic Gauges
19 IECOS strain gauge
20 Vernier height gauge
21 Floating carriage Micrometer
22 Surface plate (granite)
24 Autocollimator


List of Equipments- Computer Lab

Sl. No. Name of the Equipment/Software
1 ARENA PE 5.0, ARENA V5-V9, ARENA V9-V11 – Software
3 Six Sigma suite of products (Statistical Process Control) software
5 Auto CAD 2002
6 Autodesk Inventor
9 Preactor APS Teaching pack
10 OPTIMIZER 10.06
14 Presario 62401N PIV 1.9 GHz CPU 400/533 FSB 256 MB DDR RAM 60GB HDD 32/10/12/40. DVD/CDRW combo drive internet keyboard, optical mouse win XP 17”” MV 5500 color monitor LAN Internal modem 64mb DDR 3D card with TV out JBL platinum speakers intel 845 Compaq board IEEE 6 ports USB 2.0 misc. softwares HP service support
15 HP office jet printer/scanner copier fax machine (all in one multi utility unit HP V40)

HP laser jet 1022

HP Printer model 2600N

HP laser jet Printer P 1566

16 HP DJ 500 Plotter 42” color Inkjet plotter 1200 dpi*600 dpi 16 MB standard RAM centronics parallel IEEE 1284 compatible (ECP) USB 1.1 (windows 98 & 2000) 69 ml cartridges roll fed kit with automatic cutter stand one year onsite warranty SL NO SG33P4105W
17 LG LS 50 Laptop: LS 50 Intel Centrino mobile technology, 1.5 GHZ, 256 MB DDR(33 MHz) LCD-15” Intel extreme graphics 2 DVMT 32 MB, XGA 1024 x 768 40 GB DVD, LG CDRW combo intel pro/wireless mini LAN card 802, 11b mini PCI with quad band antenna, pre-installed 56 KBPS V.92 MDC, touch pad with two buttons, 6 cell (li-ion) 335 x 274 x 30.8 mm, 2.4 kg, Microsoft windows XP professional with media / 3 years warranty
18 HCL infinite intel P4 @ 2.93 Ghz, 915 GL chipset 256 MB DD RAM 40 GB SATA hard disk, 1.44 MB floppy disk combo IDE INT DRV HCL 17” color monitor HCL multimedia keyboard, Micro ATX cabinet, Linux preloaded
19 HCL infinite intel P4 @ 2.93 Ghz, 915 GL chipset 512 MB DD RAM 40 GB SATA hard disk, 1.44 MB floppy disk, 52X CD ROM drive, HCL 17” color monitor HCL multimedia keyboard, HCL optical mouse and pad, Micro ATX cabinet, Linux preloaded
20 Computer systems, DC5850 AMD Phenom, 9550 – HP work stations, 2GB RAM(1GBx2)/ 160GB/DVD, RW/ free Dos/17” TFT/ 3/3/3 WTTY
21 DELL Systems, Computer Systems (DELL), Intel ® core™, i5-3470CPU@3.20 GHz, 3.19 GHz, 3.41 GB HDD, 18” LCD Monitor
22 HP Systems, Intel Core I5-4590,4gb Ram 1600 Mhz Ddr3 SD ram, I Tb Hdd, Hp 18.5” Led Monitor, Intel HD Graphics , Serial Port , Parallel Port, Hp Optical Mouse & Key Board, 3 Years Hp Warranty
23 HP LaserJet scanner cum printer model – M-1136-MFP with additional one toner


List of Equipments- WSE & QE Lab

Sl. No. Name of the Equipment


Venky std tread mill, Track width: 450mm, Walking area :1650*450mm, Track speed: 0 to 12kmph

Track inclination: 0 to 22% slope, Meters: 2 no. analog one speedometer & one inclinometer.

Working voltage: 220 to 240 volts AC single phase, 50Hz, 50amps

2 Stop watches Anglo Swiss make digital stop watches with 1/100th sec

Stop watches EL-3, EL-8

Stop watches – Anglo swiss make 1/5 sec,30min,7jewels, start,stop & fly back to by crown. EL 1 type

3 Equipment to conduct Normal Distribution Experiments
4 Pin board assembly with pins

Marble collection with box

Poisson distribution experimental set up with beads

Process capability test specimens of nuts with suitable heat treatment

Time study pads

5 Venky Electrical ergometr
6 Catapult
7 Cellular layout
8 Single sampling plan
9 Rope link assembly
10 Quincunx
11 Linear Height gauge (Mitutoyo) 0 – 600 mm

Lux meter- 0 – 52000 lux

12 Walking Simulator motorized thread mill
13 Display Charts
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