Engineering Chemistry



“To empower the students with the fundamentals of Chemistry for an active career in technical education and research”



M1: To contribute quality education in applied chemistry.

M2: To inculcate the significance of chemistry for research and innovation.






About the department

The Department is headed by Dr. Mahesh B   MSc., PhD

The department of chemistry was established in the year 1997.The department has contributed significantly to higher education and research in the area of Pure and Applied Chemistry. It offers chemistry course in the first year for all branches of BE. 

From the Desk of HOD


The department has highly qualified and senior faculty members; they are actively involved in R & D work, publishing the research articles and text books. The results in University examinations have been consistently excellent. The department has established  a bio-diesel testing facilities catalyzed by DST, New-Delhi and Peptide synthesis laboratory supported by VGST, Government of Karnataka is being established.  The major equipments in the department are Gas Chromatograph, Karl fisher Analyser, Rota evaporator.  IR and UV-Vis spectrometers are being procured.  The prominent research areas are peptide synthesis, drug extraction from natural products, catalysis, biodiesel, nanomaterials and coordination chemistry.  The department has conducted VTU-VGST sponsored Faculty development Programme in the field of “recent trends in applied chemistry and nanotechnology”. Popular lecture series has been initiated for the benefit of students and staff.




The department has 03 well equipped laboratories.

  1. Engineering Chemistry Lab: Excellent infrastructure with the state- of -art facilities to meet the curriculum of Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi. The major equipment are De-ionizer plant, Distillation unit, Flame Photometers,  Spectrophotometers, Digital  pH meters, Shimazu electronic weighing balance, conductivity meters, Oil vacuum pumps.
    Engineering Chemistry Lab



    2. Bio-diesel testing laboratory: “Bio diesel testing facility”funded by Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi (Ref No. DST/TSG/AF/2008/54).  The lab equipped with major equipment such as Gas Chromatograph, Karl-Fischer Moisture analyzer, Density Hydrometers, Viscosity bath and Viscometers, Pesky Martens closed cup apparatus, Copper strip corrosion test apparatus with digital temperature control –cum-indicator, Digital Potentiometer (MV titrator), Oil centrifuge, Max. Speed 1800 RPM, Karl fisher Moisture analyzer digital automatic: Auto titrator, Hot Air Oven- Digital, Muffel Furnace, Vacuum Distillation Unit.3. Peptide synthesis laboratory: Ongoing project on “Establishment of R&D facilities for synthesis, characterization and study on applications of protein based polymers” (VGST/CISEE/GRD-326, 2014-15(2015-16)) funded by VGST under CISEE program. The lab is well equipped with the state- of -art facilities with a clean room concept for synthetic chemistry. Under the project, a fully state of the art facilities for synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds is being created. Facilities such as Rotavapor + High pressure vacuum pump + Chiller, Refrigerator, Hot air oven, Geared stirrers, UV-viewing cabinet, Deep Freezer, Soxhlet extractors are procured and  Double beam UV-Vis, and FTIR spectrophotometer are being procured.



Name Designation Qualification Specialization
Dr. A. Rathna Professor M Sc., Ph D. Theoretical organic chemistry
Dr. Mahesh B Associate Professor & HOD M Sc., Ph D. Synthetic organic chemistry
Dr. Roopashree B Assistant Professor M Sc., Ph D. Organic chemistry & coordination chemistry
Kathyayani D Assistant Professor M Sc. General chemistry
Puneetha J Assistant Professor M Sc. Industrial chemistry


Name Designation Qualification Specialization
BASAVARAJU B R Lab Instructor M Sc., General Chemistry
Suresh CS Lab helper ITI, BA,  B Lib
Sunil Kumar R R Lab helper ITI, BA


  • Mahesh B, Associate Professor and HOD, Chemistry has been sanctioned Rs. 30 Lakhs by VGST (2015-18), Government of Karnataka under the scheme CISEE (GRD-326) for the “Establishment of R & D facilities for the synthesis, characterization, and study of applications of protein-based polymers”.
  • Dr A Rathna, Professor in Chemistry has been sanctioned Rs.  19.2 lakhs (Ref No. DST/TSG/AF/2008/54) to set up the “Biodiesel testing facility” by Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi- Project completed successfully.
  • The department has conducted VTU-VGST sponsored Faculty development Programme in the field of “Recent Trends in Applied Chemistry and Nanotechnology” from 26th to 30th of March 2012 for faculties of VTU affiliated Engineering colleges.
  • Department of chemistry is recognized as a research center by VTU, Belagavi, 06 students have registered for their PhD degree by research in Chemistry.

Faculty members are active in publishing their research findings in peer-reviewed journals and in writing books.

  • Roopashree B. Received “Best Paper Award” (II prize) for the research paper entitled “Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of cobalt complexes containing 2(3′-N-Salicylidinephenyl) benzimidazole” (oral presentation), Recent trends in Chemical Research, Dept. of chemistry, SJCE, Mysuru, 3rd  – 4th  Jan 2014.



Research Initiatives

  • Publications
    • Total No. of papers published in International Journal: 13
    • Total No. of papers published in National Journal: 07
    • Total number of papers published in National Conference: 17
    • Total number of papers published in International conference: 10 (List of publication in the order like Journal, conference of International-National)

    Download (PDF, 273KB)

    Download (PDF, 484KB)

  • List of PhDs completed/ students guided
    1. Guide Name: Dr. Mahesh B, Associate Professor, and HOD
    Sl. No Name of the Research Scholars Date of Registration UNIVERSITY Title
    1 KOKILA N R 12-12-2014 VTU Phytochemical investigation and pharmacological screening of selected medicinal plants.
    2. NANJUNDASWAMY G S 18-03-2015 VTU Synthesis, characterization and miscibility studies of some selected peptides with other polymers.
    3 LOKESH H R 04-11-2015 VTU Peptide-based therapeutics- Drug design and delivery for cancer.
    4. KATHYAYANI D 04-11-2015 VTU Reduction methods by catalytic transfer hydrogenation and their applications in organic synthesis.
    5. SIDDEGOWDA K S VTU A Study on synthesis, Characterization, antimicrobial and electro-catalytic activity of metal oxide Nanoparticles.



    1. Co-Guide Name: Dr A Rathna, Professor in Chemistry
    Sl. No Name of the Research Scholars Date of Registration UNIVERSITY Title
    1 Puneetha J 22-10-2013 VTU Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene-TiO2 Nanocomposites for Environmental remediation.


  • Details of Consultancy work


  • List of ongoing funded projects

    Details of Projects

    Sl. No. Principal Investigator Project


    1 Dr. Mahesh B Associate Professor & Head of the Department “Establishment of R & D facilities for synthesis, characterization, and study of applications of protein-based polymers” sanctioned by VGST, Government Of Karnataka under CISEE Programme.

    Grant No: GRD-326(2015-18)

    Rs. 30.0 Lakhs
    2. Dr. A Rathna Professor “Development of laboratory testing facility for bio-diesel production center at JSSATE” Sanctioned by Department of Science and Technology, Government Of India, New Delhi.

    Ref No. DST/TSG/AF/2008/54

    Rs. 19.2 Lakhs
    2 Dr. A Rathna Professor


    Dr. Mahesh B Associate Professor

    Recent advances in Applied Chemistry and Nanotechnology. VGST-VTU (26th to 31st March 2012)

    Ref No. VTU/Aca/2011-12/A-9/12669

    Rs. 2.0 Lakhs
  • List of Funded projects carried out
    • “Bio diesel testing facility”Rs 19.2 Lakh is funded by Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi (Ref No. DST/TSG/AF/2008/54).  Principal Investigator: Dr A Rathna , Professor.
    • “Recent advances in applied chemistry and Nano technology” Rs 2.00 Lakh is funded by VGST-VTU, GOK under the scheme Faculty development programme.







Department Calendar

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Department Time Table

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